Broken Silence Testimonials

“The Broken Silence piece I heard in November was the by far the most meaningful live musical experience I've had in the last year. Broken Silence was a revelatory experience: somewhere between a Quaker service, a group meditation, and a concert, it was deeply moving in the way it speaks truth to the scandal in the Catholic Church.”Eve Beglarian

“It was really lovely to listen to Broken Silence and be a part of the gathering tonight. It touched me very deeply. When your voice broke in, and my ears adjusted to listening to your voice, i found my sense of hearing become attuned in a way that is new to me. I remember i struggled to hear you, not because of the softness of your voice or the lack of clarity in your pronunciation, but because, i think, the music was so meditative, and the letter was a point of attention on which i sharpened my focus. So i had to adjust from passively receiving the sound sensations to actively listening and understanding the sounds. And then my focus remained strong throughout the piece. At a couple of points tonight, i admit that i felt so moved that my blood became warm and my heart sped up.”Evelyn Emile

"Anticipating the performance, I'd imagined discomfort and a range of heightened emotions. But, in fact, the space of the performance was calm, and I did not feel anxious. There was the kind of reinforcement one feels when meditating in a group or sitting in silence in a Quaker Friends meeting."Mary Madigan