Keynotes - Being a Witness to Our Own Experience

June 8 - July 13 Online

with former Alexander Teacher Frank Sheldon.


The 42-day online course will introduce a simple and safe way of reporting the experience of our daily lives in such a way that the fully realized value of this experience becomes available to us. Even mundane experience, when fully realized, can lead to creativity and true freedom. In applying this practice on the Creating Music Together retreats, we've found the daily practice within a community valuable to our creative and professional lives.

Fee: $120. Apply by May 31.

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Frank Sheldon will mediate the 42-day online board, posting specific exercises, and responding to written assignments. Some assignments will have a time limit. No scheduled sessions; participants engage when and how much they wish, posting as convenient to them. Estimated time commitment is one-two hours per week.

For artists, accountants, musicians, teachers, professionals, and anyone looking to improve their practice. No prior experience necessary.

Frank Sheldon attended the International Academy for Continuous Education in Sherborne and was a founding Director of the Virginia School for Alexander Technique. He has taught extensively in Europe, North and South America, and presented online courses with an emphasis on creativity, personal responsibility, and being a witness to our own experience.