Stuart Dempster
8:05 PM20:05

Stuart Dempster

Sonic Breathing and Circular Meditations

Works by Stuart Dempster for solo trombone, didjeridoo and large trombone ensemble. The trombones resonate throughout the space, embracing listeners in their tones. The center of the program is a new piece written for the evening for large trombone ensemble called "Tromba Annunciation". Featuring Monique BuzzartéChris McIntyre of TILT BrassTucker Dulin, Glen Freeman, Craig ShepardSteve SwellBret SrokaDeborah WeiszDavid WhitwellPeter ZummoDavid Taylor and Mike Lormond

The program will also include Conch Calling (1994) for multiple conch players, Dream Timepiece (2002) for multiple didjeridus, and Integrity29 for mixed ensemble with guitarist Tony Geballe and saxophonists Erin Rogers and Kristen McKeon.

$15 suggested donation at the door. $25 including download of highlights of the concert.

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